Monday, February 15, 2010

Family Time

Everyone thinks they have the cutest family....and I am no different. After not going home for Christmas, I was missing my family and in the past 2 months have had a chance to see all my siblings, my parents, and all 11 nephews and nieces. Here are some pics from family time. The first pictures are from Portland, OR. Two of my sisters live there and we had some fantastic bonding time in the other P-Town.

Ava not wanting to get out of the bucket that was serving as her mode of transportation around the family room.

Aidan (2 1/2) pushing Ava (1 1/2) in the makeshift car. Aidan must be pretty tough to get Ava around, she isn't a little 20 mo. old!

Me and Ava getting ready to go play at the Kemenys.

Sometimes the camera goes off at just the right moment! This is one of those moments.

Aidan and I playing.


Sarah Rose Harris was blessed January 3, 2010. She is the cutest and the calmest baby I've seen. Thanks Laura and Casey for giving me a niece in Utah!

Family shot of the Utah Didenhovers (and Harris's) with Mom and Dad coming out for Sarah's blessing. With 5 kids ages 5 and under, you never know what the picture will look like, but I think we got a pretty good one.

Mama and Papa Didenhover with baby Sarah. Thanks for coming out Mom and Dad!!! Please visit more often!!!!!