Thursday, December 22, 2011

I'll be home for Christmas...if only in my dreams

In very unlike Brea fashion, I am actually posting in the blog while an event occurs. It's 12:58 am MST (that's 2:58 am eastern time) and I'm sitting in the Denver airport. Why you ask? The answer:  unknown reasons. I left DC today on a delayed flight and missed the connecting flight in Denver, which was the last one to Portland for the evening, so I am stranded at the airport. The obvious conclusion is that the weather is bad, as it's December and snow always disrupts Christmas travel. However, the delay was in DC, where it was almost 60 degrees and raining today. A few flights were delayed at the Reagan Airport because they were diverted to Dulles. Weather? Busy? Felt like it? I don't know why, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't weather. Anyway, a 2 hour delayed departure meant a missed connecting flight. The connecting flight was also delayed, but not enough as I found out it left about 15 min before my plane landed in Denver and left about 10 Portland bound passengers stranded over night. BOO!!!!

So I get 9 lovely hours to spend in the mile high city. At least the snow is pretty...and the wifi is free.

Merry Christmas!