Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Birthday Month

October is always a great month. Still enjoying good weather, changing colors, general conference, and of course, my birthday! This year, we took a break from plane rides for the month, but still got out and enjoyed a beautiful fall.

October 18 fell on a Friday this year, which made for a lovely birthday weekend. Mike was pretty busy on my actual birthday, but we managed to get away to New York the following weekend to enjoy some fall foliage in the Big Apple.

October started off with a pre-General Conference run. A faux half marathon: Chapel to Temple (13.7 miles)

Then the government shutdown happened. Somehow, my agency stayed open and I didn't get a 10 day paid vacation, still a little upset about that. Plus all the parks and memorials were closed, which is a major bummer for DC.

 October 18: BIRTHDAY

 Next comes my birthday!  Telework half day, run, pedicure, and then headed to dinner with friends

I'm lucky that two of my best friends live in the area. Alison and Liz joined us for dinner and then we had a girls outing to Georgetown where we shopped and sipped on frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity. Pot roast at Founding Farmers and frozen hot chocolate (more like a giant delicious milkshake)- what more could a girl want on her birthday!

Belated Birthday Weekend in NYC

We drove up Friday night and stayed in Brooklyn, then made our way through the city. New York is so big that to do it right in a day, you have to choose just a few things and not cram it all in. On my list this time: Grimaldi's pizza in Brooklyn, High Line Park, and Magnolia Bakery for some lemon bars and banana pudding. A few miles of walking smashed in between some delicious eats! Perfect New York day!!!

We wrapped October up with a Halloween concert in DC. Truthfully, I hated the concert (Drake- so not into rap), but Mike had free tickets because his company designed and sold a ping pong table for Drake's tour, so we went. Let's just say I am definitely not the right demographic for this kind of concert. Case in point: my best "clubbing clothes" were brought to you by Ann Taylor and Banana Republic.

Drake aside, October was a wonderful month and we had a blast!