Friday, August 12, 2011

Viva Mexico

Oh Mexico...I've never really been, but I'd sure like to go...

I know you are all thinking of beautiful beaches, poolside lounges, and pina coladas with tiny umbrellas...but what if I paint a slightly different picture.

Tacos, taxis, dusty streets, colonial Spanish architecture, mariachi, street fairs, mexican lakes, and did I pong?

All this adds up to a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend in

Mike was headed there for work and invited me to tag along, so we spent our holiday weekend in the lovely land of Guadalajara! Mexico's second largest city, cultural capital, and home of Mariachi music!

In the lovely city of Guadalajara, we did some sight seeing, some eating, and watched a whole lot of ping pong. Guadalajara was hosting the Latin American Ping Pong Championships and Mike was there to promote his new product, the iPong (see retail/online stores like Sears and Amazon to take a look). We spent a few afternoons at the tournament and while Mike did his thing of selling and schmoozing, I tried my best to interact with the Natives and to learn a little more about this basement sport that has gone wild.

Mexican kids playing ping pong outside the tournament
When we weren't watching ping pong, we were exploring the city's cathedrals (including a Catholic Mass where I was blessed by the Priest), markets, street vendors, and taco houses. We also ventured to Chapala, a lake city about an hour away with gorgeous views of the lake and mountains with lake water that was questionable to say the least. We even got a chance to visit the Guadalajara Temple, which has the exact same layout as the Spokane Temple, so I felt right at home (minus the Spanish immersion).

 Catholic Church dating back to the 1600's

 Guadalajara Temple (The Senior sister took one look at me and said, "You don't speak Spanish do you?" I think she was thrilled to speak some English.)


Famous Mariachi

 Guadalajara is BEAUTIFUL by night

 Tacos--so good

For a real taste of Mexico, visit Guadalajara, where tourists and blondes are few and the pick up mariachi bands are everywhere.

Viva Mexico!