Saturday, January 18, 2014

Summer Travels

Summer 2013 was the summer of weddings!

Good things happens in 3 threes, a friend always reminds me. Well, this year, 2 of my best friends whom I've known since Freshman Year at BYU also got married. Whitney got engaged a week before my wedding and Alison only about a month later.

From March to November, I traveled to Utah 5 times!!!

March- plan my wedding
April- My Wedding!
July- Whitney's Wedding
August- Alison's Wedding
September- Mike's College Reunion

The trips were quick, but so much fun! I had a chance to visit family, meet up with friends, and watch as my best friends got married. It was a lot of flights back and forth between DC and Utah, but I loved every minute we spent in Utah. I have wonderful friends and I'm so happy for them!

My mother-in-law Petrine, me, my mom Angie
The night before my wedding we had an informal dinner in lieu of a wedding luncheon. It was a fun night for families and wedding party to meet. Luckily, my brother and sister in law were gracious enough to host us at their beautiful home.

Alison, Steffany, Liz

Mike's groomsmen: John, Mike, Hunter, Ryan

The Generous Hosts! Alisa & Kurt (and two nephews Aidan, Jake)

Liz, Brittney, Brea

Alison, Brea, Steffany (long time roommates)

In-n-Out, best pre-wedding meal! (okay, so it was the day before the wedding)

Hard to come back to rainy Maryland after a week in Hawaii, but at least we were coming to OUR home! By the way, we have a spare room and it's ready for guests!!!

First meal in our new apartment!!!

1 month anniversary (I know this has nothing to do with a trip to Utah, but I just wanted to give Mike a shout out. The balloons and flowers were all Mike!!!)

Okay, also not a trip to Utah....San Francisco. I headed to Oakland the last week in June for a HR training for my new job! I accepted a position (promotion) with the Public Health Institute. I'm still with USAID, but my hiring mechanism changed as well as some of my job responsibilities. I had an afternoon to enjoy the pier in San Francisco before flying out to Portland to visit my new niece!!!

Sweet baby Claire Christina Kemeny was born June 10 and was only 3 weeks old in these pictures.

Tour of Temple Square on 4th of July

Watching the Stadium of Fire Fireworks in Provo from the MTC fields

Whitney's Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party (pink was the theme)

Starting with my own wedding, eating In-n-Out has become a Utah wedding tradition! In between the sealing and reception, an In-n-Out trip is an absolute must! And while the burgers are good, I really go for the chocolate shakes!

DC Reunion at Whitney's wedding (Nick, Steffany, Ally, Paul, me, Mike)

Whit's wedding

I know it wasn't our wedding...but why not!

Alison and Steve's wedding at the Draper Temple in August

Alison's reception with old roommates and friends (ignore the crazy eyes)

Trip #5 to Utah!! Over Labor Day we headed back once again to the Beehive State, this time for Mike to meet up with his college buddies. These guys all met at BYU their Freshman Year and hadn't been together in years. We enjoyed some family time, BBQ, BYU football, and a baby blessing. For the BYU game, we endured our second lightning delay, but this was better than the UVA game since we won! 

Lots of trips to Utah this year and all for good reasons. I'm not sure when we'll be heading back, but as I have a nephew on the way and a best friend's baby, it probably won't be too long! Summer 2013 was quite an adventure!