Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fall Happenings

October was a busy month with trips to start and end the month and a birthday celebration in between. My birthday was pretty low key this year with dinner with some friends and a small gathering afterward featuring my favorite dessert--ice cream.

I decided to skip town for Halloween and headed down to the Sunshine state instead. I went to visit a friend living in Orlando and we packed the weekend with fun Florida things. Clearwater Beach (Gulf Coast), Tampa, Disneyworld, and Daytona Beach. You all know how much I love the ocean, so this was a perfect weekend!

Here are some pictures to enjoy.

 Birthday Dinner

 Opening Gifts

 How does that yoga pose look like again? Obviously, I don't yoga.

 Yup, it's real!

 Daytona can actually drive your car right onto the beach and park, which we did.