Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Birthday George!

This President's Day marked the 279th birthday of our first President, George Washington. While we call the holiday, 'President's Day', the National Archives states that neither Congress or any President has changed the name of the holiday to 'President's Day' and on the books it is known as 'George Washington's Birthday'. Either way, I'm happy to celebrate.

After having visited Washington's home in Barbados (see earlier posts of my internship in the Caribbean), I was eager to visit Mt. Vernon, Washington's estate about 30 minutes from my house in Virginia. Mt. Vernon was hosting a surprise party to honor Pres. Washington, including cake, reading of his inauguration speeches, and visits from others. While my friends and I showed up fashionably late and missed the singing and cake, we still enjoyed a walk around Mt. Vernon.

 Mt. Vernon - The House

 What a view! Thanks Whit for driving down from Boston to join us.

 A fine history lesson on Washington's porch overlooking the Potomac River

Happy Birthday George!