Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This is the The Place

A few weeks ago, I went back to Utah for a visit. It had been almost two years since I had stepped foot in the Beehive State and I knew I was due for a trip to good ol' Provo to visit family and friends. The weekend was unscheduled with no particular things to do besides spend time with some very dear friends, become reacquainted with my adorable nephews, and eat at Provo's best restaurants.

I spent a few days in Provo with Alison, my BFF and former roommate of almost 8 years!!! I caught up with other old roommates, mission companions, friends, took a stroll through BYU campus, and simply absorbed the beauty of the mountains.

Saturday morning, my favorite running buddy Traci, invited me to "Color me Rad" 5K race. We woke up, put on white t-shirts and then ran 3 miles while having colored corn starch sprayed on us. I don't entirely understand the allure of having colored dust tossed on you, I'm pretty sure it's all for the pictures. But since I participated, and I'm a runner and a photo are a few pics to commemorate the race. Yes, we wore swim caps for the entire 3.1 miles--made us sweat like crazy, but kept the cornstarch out of our hair.

Tutus. check.
Swim caps. check.
What will we wear for our next race?

Saturday night I headed up to Herriman (a few miles west of I-15) to my brother's house. He and Alisa, my sister in law, built a new home a few months ago. I was the first Didenhover relative to come and see. The house is beautiful! But the best part was playing with my two nephews Jake and Josh. These guys are full of energy and just want to play. We had lots of trampoline jumping and races through Candyland. I hope I don't go another year before I see the Didenhovers again!

My last day was Monday and I got the chance to catch up with Stephanie, who I hadn't seen since her wedding day! (over 2 years ago). We had a great time catching up and visiting the new City Creek Mall in Salt Lake. Stephanie has an adorable little one year old who accompanied us on our outing. Before I visited, I made Stephanie show Eliza (her daughter) pictures of me so that when I visited she would recognize me. I'm pretty sure it worked. Eliza was a dream and sent me only smiles.

Stephanie and Eliza at City Creek Mall
BFF Brittney who I grew up with in Spokane. Brittney is pregnant and I think I'll have her show pics to her child as well so he knows who I am when I come to visit.

The few days in Utah were short, but very much needed! I better not wait 2 more years to visit again! Thanks to all who hosted and visited with me!!