Monday, October 15, 2012

Summer Fun

We are well into fall and I've finally accepted that summer has come to an end. To celebrate the end of summer, I'm creating a mega blog post. A chance for me to sift through pictures, stories, and remember all the summer fun.

To me summer is all things good. I love everything about summer: weather, food, trips, freedom. This summer was filled with fun and adventure. I kicked off the summer season with a trip to Duck Beach in North Carolina's Outer Banks. Duck Beach is the annual trip for DC area (and everywhere else) LDS singles. There was volleyball, dance parties, food, movies, and lots of beach playing time. All in all it was a great weekend, even while suffering a little dehydration and heat exhaustion (played a little too hard during the volleyball tournament).

4th of July
4th of July in DC is always a treat! A perfect Independence Day includes pool, BBQ, and fireworks and this year it delivered. Success!!! For the fireworks show, we decided we didn't care to fight the downtown crowds and instead stayed in Arlington, VA and watched a local fireworks show at the Arlington Country Club. While downtown is fun, I sure didn't miss the crowds and travel time. I think we decided that next year we'll play it low key, and maybe even add some sparklers of our own.

The downtown pictures were actually from July 3.
Summer Storms
This summer DC had some crazy summer storms. The week before the 4th we had a Derecho...a storm that comes from intense heat. I think we had a week or more of continuous 100+ degree days! Add DC humidity and that 's a recipe for disaster!! The storm ripped though Friday night and caused power outages from Ohio to Virginia. Mike's house lost power for about 24 hours and a bunch of trees fell down in his backyard crashing on his shed, but his house was intact. Many of his neighbors weren't so lucky. The power outage and fallen trees were a bummer, but I think Mike was even more sad about Tiger Woods' AT&T National Golf Tournament. The Saturday event was cancelled for spectators because of fallen trees and debris. Lucky for us the tournament is returning to DC next summer!


In addition to lots of pool time, BBQ's, and golf, summer wouldn't be complete without America's Favorite Pass time--Baseball!! Mike surprised me with a spontaneous trip to Philadelphia in June! We ran the Rocky steps, ate Philly cheese steaks, and then went to see the Phillies! I have a goal of visiting all the MLB Ballparks on the east coast and I'm one stadium closer! Philly fans are intense, but what a fun ball game! Mike and I also went to a few Nationals games and the annual Baltimore vs Seattle game at Camden Yards. I love watching my Mariners, and I got bonus innings this go around. At inning 11, I asked Mike if we needed to go home (it was a Tuesday night), but he responded that we were committed to the end (game lasted until after midnight and we had an hour drive home). Did you know there is a 14th inning stretch? Sadly, we lost the heart breaker in the bottom of the 14th inning. Maybe next year....

The Lake
As I've gotten older travel and beaches have become more available, but boating has become a rarity. Lucky for me I got one waterski trip in. Mike and I headed to Deep Creek, MD to deliver a few ping pong tables. After delivering the tables, one of the families invited us out on the lake. It's been a few years since I've been waterskiing, but it seemed to come back with ease. Even with less experience on the water, Mike also proved his skills. I also discovered the goodness of Amish bakeries and delis. Oh my goodness....bread, cheese, and meat to die good! Oh and we got to do some hiking after boating. I will admit that parts of Maryland and Virginia are beautiful!

I know this isn't a picture of the lake, didn't get any there, but the hike to the waterfall after was just as pretty!
International Travel
Every year I have a goal of getting another stamp in my passport. Last year work sent me to Switzerland and this summer I spent three weeks in....NICARAGUA! I'll give you just a taste but save the details for another blog post.

Something I've wanted to do since moving here is to have Maryland Crab in Maryland. I convinced Mike to go to Annapolis on a Saturday. We really wanted crab, but in the end settled for crab cakes as I got stage fright of learning to crack a crab with no experience or no help from a seasoned crab eater. Taking a hike through the Naval Academy was pretty cool and the views from the harbor were gorgeous. A good first time to Annapolis and maybe next year I'll be brave enough to try the crab.

Summer came full circle as we ended summer with Labor Day weekend at Virginia Beach. Steffany came into town to celebrate her 30th birthday and six of us went down south to get one more trip to the beach. The weather didn't cooperate too well, but we did get a few hours of beach play time. The best part of the weekend was spending time with Steffers who moved back to Utah last spring.

There you have it...Summer 2012. It came and went. Ciao.