Sunday, September 26, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

One major perk of living in a big city is access to Major League Baseball games. For those of you who didn't know, I am a MAJOR fan of baseball. I like to play baseball (softball). I like to watch baseball. I like to talk about baseball. I can watch a 3 hour game on TV and not get bored. For the past 9 years of living in Provo, I've had few opportunities to go to major league games. A few road trips to California were the only chances I got, but now that I live on the east coast, ball parks are a plenty! This summer I attended 4 baseball games and loved every minute of each game.

I also made a new goal: visit every baseball park on the east coast (Washington Nationals, NY Yankees, NY Mets, Philadelphia Phillies, Boston Red Sox). And if time and circumstances permit: Cincinnatti, Cleveland, Pittsburgh. I wonder how far Atlanta, Tampa Bay and Toronto are?? This might not get done in one summer, but it will get done before I leave the east coast.

A few highlights from this season.

Tuesday August 17: Seattle Mariners came into town to play the Baltimore Orioles at Cambden Yards. I planned this game early in the summer as Seattle doesn't come out to Baltimore all that often.

Yes, that's Ichiro.

My roommate Whitney and me at the Baltimore vs Mariners game

The group I fanangled coming to game to cheer my Mariners on.

Nationals Stadium (DC)

After game party

p.s. the Mariners won 4-0

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Capital Summer

Readers: I know many of you are saddened by the lack of posts for the past few months. I think I promised to have regular updates about my new life in the Capital, but I have failed. To make up for it, I'm going to enthrall all of you on a jumbo post of the highlights from Summer 2010, which sadly ends in 8 days.

Moving to the east coast has brought many new adventures and places to explore. While I'm still a little jealous of those of you in Utah and California with so many fun outdoor activities, I won't complain too much as I think about some of the awesome places and experiences I've had over here in the east.

Sailing with the R.S.

In June, I went sailing with some girls in the RS. We went up somewhere in Maryland and spent a few hours on a sailboat out on the Chesapeake (or somewhere near). I believe it was my first time on a sailboat and I had a blast. Somewhere, I think I got my Dad's love of water and boats and I just can't seem to get enough. Sailboats, speed boats, canoe, kayak, ferry, fishing boat...I'll take any of them. I think I've been on about every kind of boat now except a cruise ship and an submarine, so it looks like I'll just have to take more trips.

Happy Birthday America! (4th of July)


4th of July weekend was fantastic!!! Saturday July 3, I drove to Harper's Ferry, West Virginia to float down the river. We rented tubes and spent a few hours gently floating the river. Supposedly, we paid for the "rapids" but I'm pretty sure I could make bigger rapids in a swimming pool than the ones I saw on the river. Nonetheless, it was a very pleasant day and I met a lot of fun people on my journey down the river. Sunday, July 4, we had a BBQ after Church and then headed into the District to secure a spot to watch the fireworks. After wandering for quite some time, a few of us finally decided on the Jefferson Memorial. This seemed to be a perfect spot with large marble steps to sit on and a great view of the Fireworks over the Potomac River with the Washington Monument piercing the skyline. BEAUTIFUL!!!! For a girl who's spent more 4th of July's outside the US than inside the US since high school, I had a grand time and really enjoyed being on American soil for Independence Day! Monday July 5, was filled with a long run, some time at the pool, and another greatBBQ. What a weekend!

Shenendoah National Park

Sometime in July, Liz, Jackie, Sara, and a few others made an impromptu camping trip to Shenendoah National Park. We left late Friday night and drove a few short hours into Viriginia. The park is beautiful with lots of greenery and plenty of spectacular lookout points from the road. We set up camp in the dark (Liz and I are masters at tent assembly) and prepared for the following day adventures. The next morning we ventured out on a hike to find some natural water slides. While the hike was short and steep, the waterslides were a blast! I was a little hesitant at first (sliding down wet rocks just seems a little dangerous), it turned out to be so fun and I couldn't get enough.

Yup, that's me. It's way more fun if you throw your hands up!

Biking the Monuments

The Monuments in DC are always here. I see them almost every day on my way to and from work and whenever I go into the city. Even though they don't change, they are cool each and every time. While night is not the best time for taking pictures, it's definitely the best time to see the Monuments. What's even better than monuments at night? How about monuments at night by bike!

p.s. my favorite monument: Lincoln Memorial

What about Bob weekend

Have you seen "What about Bob"? Did you think they filmed the movie at Lake Winnipesaukee like it claims? Well, they didn't. The movie was filmed in Virginia at Smith Mountain Lake near Roanoke, VA. About a month ago, a bunch of us went down, camped, rented boats, and went boating on the "What about Bob" lake. The day included wakeboarding, lounging, swimming, eating, visiting the house filmed in the movie, and a stop at Gutman's Cafe (which I didn't actually go to, but I heard from those that did, that it was completely closed up and not in service anymore). The lake was beautiful and we couldn't have asked for better weather. I don't get to go boating very often, so each time I'm afraid I won't be able to wakeboard/ski. Don't even worry, I got up right away, stayed up, and even managed to maneuver the wake! Oh, and I might have become the official wakeboard instructor on my boat! Have I mentioned how much I love boats and water?!?! SO FUN!


Parties just seem to be a part of life as a young single. Someone always has a birthday, or someone is moving away, or there is need for more desserts, or people just want another reason to get together. Either way, this has been a summer for parties. I'm a little "partied" out, but I know that I will continue to go. I just have a few random snapshots from a few parties. Both happened to be themed birthday parties.

 "All things Nautical" 



Well, those are most of the highlights of Summer 2010. There are a few other events that deserve their own blog post, so they will be coming shortly. I hope you enjoyed the update!