Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ms. Didenhover Comes to Washington

You know it's a great weekend, when your sister is able to fly across the country to visit you!! Over Mother's Day weekend, Jaime came out to D.C. to spend an entire weekend with ME!!!!! We put on our tourist shoes and raced to see and do everything this city has to offer. We gave it a good go and while we saw and walked a lot, Jaime will just have to come back for more.

In just three short days we crammed in: Capital Hill, Library of Congress, tour of the Capital Building (including a walk on John Boehner's balcony), Good Stuff Eatery, Museum of Art (modern and not so modern), Natural History Museum, American History Museum, dinner at Matchbox, FDR Memorial, Eastern Market, Vietnam & Korean War Memorials, Lincoln Memorial, White House, milkshakes, mother's day breakfast, Mt. Vernon, Arlington Cemetery, BBQ at Mike's, and lots and lots of girl chat!

I only have a few of the pictures we took, but enjoy the sampling!!!

I love sister's weekend!!!! Thanks Heimme Ann for visiting! Please come back soon!!!