Thursday, June 26, 2014

Oh Baby!

Boy oh Boy! We're having a boy!!!

The big news is out! Mike and I are expecting a baby boy in October! We are thrilled, nervous, excited, and overjoyed. The news was quite surprising to us, but we are super excited.

Baby Boy Squires is due October 23 and so far is growing, developing, and appears healthy. We actually found out on February 27 when I took the at home pregnancy test. I had been feeling kinda weird for a few weeks before that, but didn't give it much thought. Also, I was participating in a wellness competition at work and while January brought steady weight loss, I totally plateaued in February and couldn't figure out why. After putting 2 and 2 together and listening to Mike's encouragement to take a pregnancy test, I took the test. There was no mistake, I was pregnant!!

I have been very lucky to escape most of the first semester morning sickness and fatigue. A few food aversions and cravings, but no puking or total lack of energy. Sweet potatoes, spinach salads, and sweet pork still don't sound good, but anything dairy is like a dream. For a week, I craved potato chips- sour cream and cheddar to be exact, but thankfully, that craving was short lived and passed.

Mike has a coin collection and I hid the pregnancy test in one of his boxes for him to find when he came home from work.

We waited FOREVER for our 20 week ultrasound. We had to delay our ultrasound because of our trip to Austria (more to come on that trip). But, at 20 weeks and 4 days, we got to see our little guy!!! This made it all so much more real. Mike and I were in awe as we saw Baby Squires moving and grooving and come to life for us!

I know this pic looks a little scary, but our baby boy was just opening and closing his mouth. It was this moment that made it all feel real for Mike.

Expect this blog to switch from a travel log to a baby log! Come follow the journey as Mike and I begin our next great adventure!!!

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